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Work in progress replacing the broken wood.

Pathway fixed and up and running

New wood lining in place

06 March 2023

Not the actual coin but a lookie likie!

The Romans in the area

Coin found yards from the Butte

18 January 2023

The  area up to the first bend in the pathway after strimming in October 2022. Trying not to keep it too short.

The initial plan for next year.

Spring maintenance will begin early May.

17 January 2023

A rather wintery scene. The work on opening the new vista from the North West to the top can be seen

Final maintenance stint of 2022

Not quite to plan but c'est la vie!

08 January 2023

A stunning view taken by Stevie Kerr

Buttes associates Winter newsletter - copy photo enclosed

Copy of this magnificent photo enclosed

27 December 2022

Mud, mud , glorious Somme mud.

Serious wear and tear to the track past the Butte

Not really meant for large vehicles

27 December 2022

The damaged wood at the top of the path near the track.

Damage to the wooden edges to the pathway to the gate

Only days after the path was freshened up with new red stone chips

19 December 2022

Berthe's grave in the cemetery at Behagnies

Berthe Fraser - the French WW2 resistance heroine

Bob visited her grave in the Behagnies

19 December 2022

The comparison as captured by friend and Associate Steve Kerr.

The passage of Pas de Calais time

The Butte in April and November this year

12 December 2022

Stones for sale at a quarry in Carnoustie

Pathway leading to gate of the Butte

Red chip stones to be topped up

07 December 2022

Article from Archeo Number 106 2020

Berthe Fraser - une heroine a Behagnies

WW2 resistance heroine buried nearby.

07 December 2022

Stevie Kerr's YouTube video in all its glory!

Exciting enhancements to the Butte's website

Embedded video on home page!

07 November 2022

The path at the top of the track - mud, mud and more mud.

Last bits and pieces of the year at the Butte

Four or five days on the Butte in December

06 November 2022

The famous Butte minus the e

At last!!

The wonders of Ebay.

06 November 2022

The Butte de Warlencourt

Walking on Bones: La Butte de Warlencourt

A poem by Mary Lindsay Kille

19 September 2022