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Butte - autumn maintenance session


Butte - autumn maintenance session

04 September 2023

The last maintenance session on the Butte will take place on the site starting in a few weeks.

Bob and family arrive on the Somme for a four-week stay around 20 September and leave on 10 October.

It is envisaged that the main focus of the maintenance stint will be strimming so that the site looks tidy and ready to endure what winter weather can throw at it. There will be some painting but not a lot. We also need to evaluate what's happening with the paid grass cutting on the site as the maintenance man has gone very quiet. Bob will give the grass at the top and bottom a full haircut just before he leaves and that last cut will last to spring.

If you are in the area please say hello. Bob will be on site say three mornings a week.

Drop him an email at: for specifics.