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Centre d'interpretation Vignacourt


Centre d'interpretation Vignacourt

29 August 2023

We thought readers might be interested in this two-page article just published in the Voix du Nord newspaper. It's in French but you will get the gist of it being a place well worth a visit if in the area with a bit of time on your hands. Search Centre d'interpretation Vignacourt in English for more details.

The village of Vignanoirt is 20 kilometers northeast of Amiens and at 37 miles is not really that far from the actual Somme battlefields. During the war, the village had a station and acted as a resting place and soldiers and as a logistical centre for the war

Thuillier Farm is in the village situated in rue d'Amour and is the centre d'interpretation whereby on display and available are some 4000 images taken in the village and surrounds in the Great War by the owner Louis Thuillier who bought the camera equipment in 1913.

Entrance is five euros maximum which has to be a great deal.