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Back in Scotland


Back in Scotland

10 July 2023

After over two months on the Somme, Bob and his wife have just returned back to Scotland for a few months.

Ably assisted at times by Charles Crossan, we are pleased to report that all the to-do items on Butte's maintenance agenda were carried out successfully. The stint however for various reasons was not without its trial and tribulations

Fuller details of everything carried out on site will first appear in the next Butte Associates newsletter which is due out around the end of July. Thereafter details will appear on this website.

The next Butte Associates newsletter will be full of pieces following the Patersons long stint based in Morval. We are of course biased but it will be a great read.

Details on how to join as an associate and help support the Butte project can be found following the Be an Associate link above. It is great value for money all for a modest twenty pounds per annum.

Fuller details will follow shortly but the final maintenance stint of the year will start in late September this year.