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Slowly but surely


Slowly but surely

15 June 2023

Slowly but surely we edge our way towards the end of the current main maintenance session of the year.

The rain delays of a good few weeks back are long forgotten about and our faithful stihl strimmer has been returned from the repair shop. With a new blade fitted it is in full flow.

Bob returns back to Scotland in early July for a few months so in terms of tasks to be done there is not a lot. The strimming is 95% finished, the same as the white stone paintwork. All that is left really is blue paintwork at the top and way up, two benches need varnished and the step edges all to be redone. The step edges when finished have a dramatic effect. We are not strimming to ground level in front of the Butte but leaving it a bit longer ie a non-manicured look.

There are quite a few good stories from the visit as one would expect. The bulk of these however will first appear in the next Associates' newsletter which we aim to be hitting people's post boxes before the end of July. More will obviously follow in due course but in our heads, the next and final bit stint of the year will be starting mid-September.

A big shout out and thank you to Associate Charles Crossan for his swashbuckling chainsaw work in that another vista from the top has just about been cleared. We have replaced a fair bit of decayed wood on the site over the last weeks with Charles being a major help in this.

More to follow shortly but in the interim, if you are not a member of the Butte associates why not give it a go for a modest twenty pounds per year? Help play your part in looking after an iconic WW1 site. The link is above.