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Its June already


Its June already

04 June 2023

Time flies indeed. June is here and in a couple of weeks, it will be the longest day. It's all downhill after that!

We lost a fair bit of time at the start of the maintenance stint due to the weather being rubbish followed by our strimmer and petrol lawnmower both ending up in the repair shop in Albert. They are due us nothing but it's a bit unfortunate that both decided to break at the same time.

Anyway, they are back in our hands. The grass at the Butte is now looking great and strimming recommences tomorrow.

I would reckon that strimming is about 60% finished and when that's out the way we will move on to any painting needing to be done especially the white and red lining on the steps. I'd like to think that these two colours will be painted and done and dusted by the mid-way through the week after next.

A handrail was discovered broken today so all going to plan we will replace it tomorrow. How's that for service eh? We keep some wood in reserve but these pieces are beginning to run a bit low so it will be a visit to the Brico Depot this week.

I can now also confirm that the second and last main maintenance stint of the year will take place starting mid-September. It's scary that we are already planning September dates.

Anyway, we are a bit behind but I'm totally confident that all the tasks we set out to do will be completed by the time the session is over.