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Maintenance update - 19 May 2023


Maintenance update - 19 May 2023

19 May 2023

So where are we with the dreaded first main maintenance stint of the year at the Butte? The answer has to be not bad but not quite where we want to be.

The weather the first two weeks after arrival was pretty poor indeed with constant rain. We got a tiny bit of strimming done but that was it.

Eventually, the weather relented for a few days so we tried to pick up strimming again but half an hour into the session our faithful stihl strimmer friend decided it had enough and refused to cooperate. A visit to the Stihl doctor in Albert says the strimmer is fixable however it will not be back in our possession until next Friday ie 26 May. A bit of a blow indeed.

So at the end of next week, strimming will be the priority followed by any painting. It sounds bad but we will catch up.

There is good news in relating what has actually taken place, weather or no weather!

So in no fixed order:

The grass at the top, car park area, and strip up the lane were cut twice and is now the length we want it.

A new handrail has replaced a decayed version on the pathway. A rail which has come loose, fixed. Similarly, a pathway tread was badly decayed and has been renewed. Two support poles have been replaced.

Any rabbit holes have been filled and grass seed was sown.

The area around the memorial is hoed.

All boards etc wiped down after their winter ordeal

The edge of the field opposite was strimmed at our bit to make it look nicer and our bit of the path was given a quick sweep.

The area around the Butte sign at the bottom of the lane is tidied and looks good.

Two new anti-slip treads were put in place

So we have not been idle but as I said I think we have lost the best bit of two weeks through the weather. The strimmer breaking has been a nightmare and as of today the drive mechanism on our petrol lawnmower decided for reasons unknown to stop working!

There will be a bit of a gap in the first half of next week as Julia, Henry mad dog and I disappear to Normandie for a few days to quickly tour the D-day beaches.

More to follow plus of course keep checking Twitter and Instagram for bits and pieces.

Speak soon!

Bob Paterson

19 May 2023