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Strimming has started but!


Strimming has started but!

08 May 2023

The first strimming activities on the Butte for 2023 have started.

The spring growth is not too bad in places which means initially only about 80% of the normal areas to be strimmed will be covered.

In some areas, growth has been pretty dramatic however these areas will be attacked in due course. It is the plan that all the strimming will be carried out before we move on to painting handrails and the rest.

We started with great gusto however very quickly rain stopped play. The weather over the last week on the Somme has not been too clever and we think that it will be a few days yet before we get a bit of heat to dry everything up.

Hard to work out with the weather but it's our hope and aim that the bulk of the bigger maintenance tasks will be carried out by the end of May.