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First main maintenance stint of the year


First main maintenance stint of the year

05 April 2023

The Channel tunnel tickets are booked and all going to plan Bob and his family will arrive on the Somme on Monday 1 May 2023.

This in turn means that the first main maintenance of the year will start that week. The highest up the to-do list will be strimming.

Normally Bob and erstwhile pal and Butte associate Charles Crossan will carry out tasks like strimming, cutting, etc two or three mornings a week from around 9.30 am or so. Any painting to be carried out will normally be later in the evening when the site is quieter.

The paid grass cutting at the top and bottom has already commenced so it will be great to make a start on the rest. A new long-reach hedge trimmer was purchased a month or so ago with another new addition to the Butte tool collection being a Stihl hand chain saw. This will be perfect for smaller jobs.

As notified in recent Association correspondence, any members of the Butte Association who are in the region that week are more than welcome to help out if they have an hour or so, especially in the mornings on the weekend of 6 and 7 May. Any such paid-up associate attendees will be welcome to attend a planned Associates BBQ on Sunday evening 7 May 2023.