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Final maintenance stint of 2022


Final maintenance stint of 2022

08 January 2023

Bob returned back to Scotland on 22 December after spending just over a week on the Somme.

You never know what the weather will be like in December except for the fact it will not be hot! Normally December is wet and dampish but ok or a version of it. This was not the case though when Bob was there as can be seen from various photos the weather was absolutely freezing going down to being a constant minus to minus six.

Basically, it was just too cold to get much done, even moving some white car park stones back into place proved impossible as they were frozen to the grass. Anyway, the chips on the pathway were topped up successfully and looked good. All the wood was given a once over and was fine although as stated previously somebody on the likes of a quad broke some of the lining boards on the pathway. Our French artisan man has been given the go-ahead to fix these asap and the new replacement wood will be painted Butte blue in the Spring.

So another very successful maintenance year drew to a rather cold finish but most importantly the Butte was looking great. It will all start again in Spring 2023 and we look forward to it. The Butte deserves all the love and attention it can get, please keep checking here for updates.