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Exciting enhancements to the Butte's website


Exciting enhancements to the Butte's website

07 November 2022

We are pleased to let everybody know that a few enhancements to this website are now up and running.

Firstly on the Home page, rather than have a link to a video we now have the video embedded into the page, and to see it, it is simply a case of clicking the play button.

The video there is courtesy of Butte associate Stevie Kerr, it's certainly worth a look to see the Butte and its surroundings looking great. Now we have this enhancement, we aim to introduce a few more videos to the site. Bob had hoped to film a few at the Butte recently but putting it nicely the weather was horrible! Perhaps, we might get a chance in December if we get a crisp dry day.

On the History pages, we have changed them so that it is far easier to see an article whereby there is a link to each article rather than having them following on from each other. Now, this is in place we can change articles and indeed add new stories more easily.

There are still a few bits of fine-tuning required on the News section where on longer items we need some text to ident to the left. A few more pictures are also required on the Home page for example. These will be added this week but the text indentation will be a bit longer as our Web guru is currently in Australia!

A screengrab of the embedded video and some text above it is shown to the left.