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Last bits and pieces of the year at the Butte


Last bits and pieces of the year at the Butte

06 November 2022

The last bigger maintenance stint at the Butte went pretty much to plan even though at times the weather went against us. In typical Somme fashion, the weather seemed to go from Summer to winter in the course of half an hour resulting in far more rain than we expected plus it being darker and colder at night.

In terms of maintenance ie painting, strimming, and cutting back, we would say that are pretty bang on where we wanted to be. Big thanks as ever to Butte associate Charles Crossan for his assistance especially in opening up a new vista on the top from the east side. Fuller details of all the maintenance tasks and more will be in the next Butte de Warlencourt associates newsletter which will be out within the next month or so. If you are not a member why not think about it and see what you are missing? We, of course, are duty-bound to say that! The link is at the top of this page.

Bob had hoped to come back out for a few days later in November but the logistics of life paid out to that and as a result, will be out for around a week arriving on the 14 December. Obviously, at that time, not a lot can be done but apart from giving all the woods and boards a final check before the real dark winter months, there are a couple of smaller tasks needing to be done plus it may be possible to do some bits on the possible new path around the Butte. If of course you are in the area at that time and see Bob and Charles at the Butte please say hello and enjoy a cup of coffee with them.

We will put on this website a final roundup following that visit and after the newsletter goes out. At that point, we will also think of the plan of attack for next year.

The picture shows the top of the path leading past the butte. Autumn rain and harvesting activity cause havoc. It's probably in the worst condition that we can remember seeing it.